Active Substances Fountain 2018

“These “situations”, as described by the artist, take their forms of appearance from social and convivial practices by introducing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. For its presentation at the Villa du Parc, a fountain-mist maker sprays natural anxiolytics, preservatives and medicinal plants into the exhibition spaces. This sculpture invites you to stroll around its basin, as if in a public square. Here, alternative medicine and auto-medication practices meet contemporary requirements for performance and improvement. They too are spread by a liberal ideology that affects our bodies. This fountain whispers the scene of a dystopic fiction, questioning the fate of those who do not comply with the injunction of capitalist blossoming and happiness.”

Extrait du texte de l’exposition collective (en anglais) Sedona,
par Syndicat Magnifique, Villa du Parc, Annemasse, France, 2019

A lire également « Survivance du calcium », de Sylvain Menétrey, 2020.